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All's Not Quiet on the Western Front

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A soldier
At War

Two soldiers surviving together


The people of War
Go out with pride

A mothers love
is infinite


The Mother

Written after reading Rupert Brooke's sonnet, "The Soldier":

If I should die, think only this of me:

That there's some corner of a foreign field

That is for ever England.

If you should die, think only this of me

In that still quietness where is space for thought,

Where parting, loss and bloodshed shall not be,

And men may rest themselves and dream of nought:

That in some place a mystic mile away

One whom you loved has drained the bitter cup

Till there is nought to drink; has faced the day

Once more, and now, has raised the standard up.

And think, my son, with eyes grown clear and dry

She lives as though for ever in your sight,

Loving the things you loved, with heart aglow

For country, honour, truth, traditions high,

--Proud that you paid their price. (And if some night

Her heart should break--well, lad, you will not know

always at their side

Sunsets are lovely




Edgell Rickword

War and Peace

In sodden trenches I have heard men speak,
Though numb and wretched, wise and witty things;
And loved them for the stubbornness that clings
Longest to laughter when Death's pulleys creak;

And seeing cool nurses move on tireless feet
To do abominable things with grace,
Deemed them sweet sisters in that haunted place
Where, with child's voices, strong men howl or bleat.

Yet now those men lay stubborn courage by,
Riding dull-eyed and silent in the train
To old men's stools; or sell gay-coloured socks
And listen fearfully for Death; so I
Love the low-laughing girls, who now again
Go daintily, in thin and flowery frocks.

trench life
is a hard life

The pictures portrayed on this site have been carefully chosen; based on the certain things they represent and describe. Take for instance the first two, they introduce one to the main theme.  Which in this case is All Quiet on the Western Front.  What the first two represent is the soldier and the close bond they share. Another very powerfull picture would have to be the mother and her soldier son.  This picture represents the hardships that were presented do to the war i.e. the difficult seperation of a mother and son. Another is the picture of the setting sun, representing peace that still remains in war grounds.  Hence the poem War and Peace.