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All's Not Quiet on the Western Front

Venn Diagram
Character to Character letter
AQWF Dialectical Journal
Rats Poem
Kat's Open Mind
Venn Diagram
Movie Poster

Kantorek vs. Kat

Here what I have done was basically described both Kantorek and Kat, two very differnt yet similar men. I drew pictures and symbols illustrating how both men are extremely different and how they are somewhat the same.  I drew a picture of a constitution because they both follow their own constitution very strongly and have their own ideas and ways to go about things with very strongly as well and they will not listen to any other reasoning except their own, making them somewhat the same.  This would be shown in the middle section and as for the two outer that is what differences they have. Like how Kat is very close friends with Paul and his comrads and that Kantorek is the total opposite by being there enemy.

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