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All's Not Quiet on the Western Front

Rats Poem
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Rats Poem
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ferocious, evil, murderous rats
that come from all around
clubs,bats even traps
there's no solution to be found
big red blood shot eyes
eating everything in sight
turning into dreaded spies
one can feel them evey night
up and down and all around
theres no where, where they cant be be found
big and small it matters not
an endless stomach is what they've got
a nip a nibble its all the same
they all will make you become lame
Diseases, Diseases is what you'll say
but all you can do now is just pray

This poem describes the terrors of rats and how they affected the lives of many soldiers. It is supposed to tell whawhy the rats were sucha pest in the trenches, and that would be the fact that they would pretty much devour anything that they could scrounge, which of course would be the soldiers food.  Also it tells of how they would carry diseases with them which had a great effect on the soldiers. This poem was meant to show the desperation the soldiers felt toward the detestible infestation of rats.  In the book it briefly describes the problem the rats present for Paul and his comrads and i wished to expand a little on that.