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All's Not Quiet on the Western Front

Character to Character letter
Character to Character letter
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Dear Mother,

Mother, I'm not sure if you will get this letter, however I still will write it. I hope that things are going well at home, and that all is well. I needed to write to you because I have been sent home on a somewhat of a break. I hope that i get home safely, however i am not sure what unfortunate event might happen so therefore I have written this letter in a chance that I will not see you again. I wish to tell you what is going on in my head however i feel it is impossible due to I can't even figure that out myself.  I don't wish to go into much detail but I just want you to know i am as well as is possible.  I have enough food to keep me alive and we have plenty to do here, with never a dull moment. I wish that I could tell you all that I have learned and what this war is truly like but I’m afraid words would not do it justice.  I would like you to know that all is well and we have the provisions we need here to survive so there is no need to worry about me. There is nothing more I can say because I have run out of time. I just leave you with this note, I feel that war is the death of a man whether he survives the battle or not. Anther thing,  tell my sister I miss her terribly.   ---Your ever faithful son Paul



This letter is written by Paul before he first came to visit his mother.He was not certain he would survive till his time of leave, so he was compelled to write this letter.  The letter was not supposed to show much emotion because he no longer feels such things. But it is supposed to show that he trys to ease his mothers worry by writing her a good bye note. There is a remote attempt by Paul to explain what he has had to endure and how that has affected him however he can not put such horrers in words and later no longer wishes to disturb his mother with such stories.

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